Providing Health Care Services for those in Need.

At estimated 738 million people, “Africa confronts the world’s most dramatic public health crisis” in the world (W.H.O.). It has the highest number of people infected with HIV/Aids, the most infected with malaria, and tuberculosis, as well as the high number of infant mortality rate. To help reduce these numbers, HEALTHY IMPACT CEDO is working with and looking to partner with health organizations in Africa (and elsewhere).

Healthy Impact has been accessing healthy conditions in villages to help tackle the health crisis in small rural areas of Masaka, Uganda. Masaka, located in the southern region of Uganda, where there are more than one million residents, health care and health clinics (or resources) are very limited and next to nothing. Considering that the large amount of people suffering from major infections such as HIV (i.e. AIDS), STDs, Malaria etc, as well as minor infections, health care and clinics are a must. It’s quite unbearable that there’s only one hospital for over a million residents, not counting those living in nearby districts that also gets treatment from the same hospital.
Healthy Impact Medical Center will ensure that people living in Masaka and nearby villages receive health services, including HIV (AIDS) care, maternal services, child care and development, and much more. Healthy Impact has secured a land and a small gated building in Masaka. Now the goal is to acquire funding in order to turn it into a full functioning health center. This includes expanding the available space (i.e. buildings, beds, rooms, etc), capital, human resources (employees, doctors, interns, volunteers, etc), as well as health related services (such as as medicines, check ups, child birth/delivery, etc). In the meantime, we have already started acquiring the medical staff that will run the medical center.